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  Hillsboro - Homepage
Call about our summer camps!

Welcome to West Coast Martial Arts - Hillsboro.

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About Ernie Reyes' World Martial Arts in Hillsboro:

Our martial arts educational facility has been in business, in the same location, for 14 years! Our Master instructor has been teaching martial arts in Hillsboro for over 22 years! No other school can say that!

The following information is presented to prepare you for your course of study with our school.

You've always wanted to try martial arts...

We are aware that many people interested in the martial arts never make the jump into training because they in vision their first class as being an intimidating and daunting task. Our school is different and designed to make you feel welcome. We are a modern mixed martial arts facility, much different from the stereotypical martial arts school most people think of from the 70's with a "weed out the weak" mentality and an instructor barking out orders and trying to scare their students. Our friendly students and well trained staff are here to guide you from the moment you walk in the door. So, leave your worries behind, stop procrastinating and come join us! You'll have a blast! You can expect a warm welcome when you visit our school.

Please enjoy your stay at this site!

Call us today at 503-642-1500 SCHOOL HOURS
Mon 3pm-8:30pm
Tue 12:00pm-1:00pm 3:00pm-8:30pm
Wed 3pm-8:30pm
Thu 12:00pm-1:00pm 3:00pm-8:30pm
Fri 3pm-8:30pm
Sat 7am-1:30pm
Sun Closed
Note: Please call for morning classes.
MMA for the whole family! INSTRUCTORS
KJN Dan Haney
BKJN Gwen Haney
CGN Marcus Rhodes
CGN Cynthia Rodriguez
BKJN Flair Campbell
SBN Taylor Olson
BSBN Bryan Holland
SBN Leigh Heer
June Heer
Located behind Regal Cinemas in Hillsboro! DOWNLOADS & SCHEDULES
We'll make it easy for you to try martial arts!
How to Join our Black Belt Club?
Black Belt I
Black Belt II
Black Belt III

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Located behind Regal Cinemas in Hillsboro!   SCHOOL CONTACT & MAP
3075 SW 234th Ave., Suite 103
Hillsboro , OR 97123

Phone: 503-642-1500
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We'll make it easy for you to try martial arts!
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Master Dan Haney
KJN Dan Haney

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